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School Holidays Sweden

No current school holidayToday, September 20th 2021, is not an official school holiday in Sweden.

No school holiday data known><span class=At this moment there are no future school holidays in Sweden known to us. Please let us know if you can deliver these dates.

In Sweden there are slight differences in the school holiday dates per region or city. There is no difference between primary or secondary education.

Most Swedish school holidays are determined centrally by the government. Only in case of the winter holiday and the Easter holidays there are regional differences. During the winter holiday Sweden is divided in 4 regions (Middle-Sweden, South-Sweden, North-Sweden and Stockholm) and only in Stockholm and Middle-Sweden schools are closed for 1 week for Easter holidays.

School Holidays Sweden 2019

Below are the Swedish school holidays 2019.

At this moment we do not yet have the school holiday dates 2019 for Sweden.