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School Holidays Serbia

No current school holiday

Geen toekomstige vakantiedata bekend

At this moment we have no actual school holiday dates for Serbia. Do you have this information, please contact us. Thanks for your cooperation.

In 2010 in Serbia the following school holiday dates applied.

School Holidays Serbia 2010
Datum Region School Holiday
02.04.2010 – 05.04.2010 All regions Easter holiday
02.04.2010 – 09.04.2010 All regions Spring Break
01.05.2010 – 03.05.2010 All regions May Holiday
14.06.2010 – 31.08.2010 All regions
Primary schools
Summer Holiday
21.06.2010 – 31.08.2010 All regions
Secondary schools
Summer Holiday
30.12.2010 – 15.01.2011 Alle regio’s Winter Holiday

All dates are subject to change.