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School Holidays Norway

No current school holidayToday, September 26th 2023, is not an official school holiday in Norway.

No school holiday data known><span class=At this moment there are no future school holidays in Norway known to us. Please let us know if you can deliver these dates.

The Norwegian summer holiday is approximately from June 24 to August 12. The construction industry is closed in the last three weeks of July. Norway also spread the school holidays over different regions.

School Holidays Norway 2019

The following dates are expected for Norway in 2019, as far as known to this date. Small deviations may occur due to regional influences.

School holidays Norway 2019 - All dates are subject to errors and changes
School HolidayStart dateEnd dateWeek
Christmas holiday 201819-12-2018(Week: 51)02-01-2019(Week: 01)51 - 01
 REMARK: First and last day of the Christmas holidays varies by school.
Winter holiday 201911-02-2019(Week: 07)01-03-2019(Week: 09)07 - 09
 REMARK: 1 week in this period. Expected:
Week 7: Parts of Hordaland (Etne, Sveio ) and Rogaland
Week 8: Oslo, Akershus, Aust-Agder, Hedmark, parts of Hordaland (Bømlo, Eidfjord, Fitjar, Granvin, Odda, Stord, Ullensvang, Ulvik, Vaksdal, Voss), Møre og Romsdal, Nordland, Sogn og Fjordane, Trondelag, Telemark, Vest-Agder, Vestfold, Østfold, Finnmark deviates, only two days.
Week 9: Buskerud, parts of Hordaland ( Askøy, Austrheim, Austevoll, Bergen, Fedje, Bergen, Fusa, Jondal, Kvam, Kvinnherad, Lindas, Masfjorden, Meland, Modalen, Os, Osterøy, Radøy, Samnanger, Sund, Tysnes, Øygarden), Oppland and Troms.
Easter holidays 201915-04-2019(Week: 16)22-04-2019(Week: 17)16 - 17
Summer holiday 201918-06-2019(Week: 25)19-08-2019(Week: 34)25 - 34
 REMARK: Start and end dates may vary slightly by region.
Autumn break 201930-09-2019(Week: 40)11-10-2019(Week: 41)40 - 41
 REMARK: 1 week during this period, varies by region.
Christmas holiday 201920-12-2019(Week: 51)02-01-2020(Week: 01)51 - 01
 REMARK: First and last day of the Christmas holidays varies by school.