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School Holidays France

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Below are the French school holidays  2020.
France is divided in three zones/regions to handle the holiday rush better. This only applies for the winter holiday and spring break. The other holiday dates are the same for all France.
At the bottom of this page you can find the French holiday regions.

French School Holidays 2020

Below are the French school holidays 2020. Please notice the French school holiday zones.


Regions/zones school holidays France

Zone A:
Besançon, Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, Dijon, Grenoble, Limoges, Lyon, Poitiers.

Zone B:
Aix-Marseille, Amiens, Caen, Lille, Nancy-Metz, Nantes, Nice, Orléans-Tours, Reims, Rennes, Rouen, Strasbourg.

Zone C:
Créteil, Montpellier, Paris, Toulouse, Versailles.

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